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Canh Huong Pagoda in Yen Duc Village

Canh Huong means beauty spot pagoda. The pagoda offers the visitor a chance to escape the busy streets and sample the atmosphere of rural Vietnam.

This is an ancient pagoda which was built under Tran dynasty (XIII-XIV century). The pagoda bears legendary stories of Vietnamese King Tran Nhan Tong leaving the court to follow a religious life. During his Buddhist life, he built a lot of pagodas near around this area

The pagoda has been destroyed and restored many times, most substantially in 1664 and then again in the mid 19th century, although these restorations retained the style of the original structure. Canh Huong pagoda used to be a local hospital for the wounded soldiers and guerrilla fighters under the wars.

Located in the center of the village, Canh Huong pagoda is a sacred place that every local villagers come to pray for the good health, good weather and safety and bumper crops.


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