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Vietnamese Food

This is information about Vietnamese food recommended in some posts on the TT, thanks to Muzzman, Kym_h, Ralphnhatrang (pls post "Nha Trang food" here) and one more poster for these information:


Chả Cá Lã Vọng, 14 Chả Cá St, serves Chả cá (grilled boneless fish cubes marinated in dill served with rice noodles and peanuts). This is brought on a charcoal brazier along with noodles to your table. The restaurant is on the 2nd floor in a weathered building. Nevertheless the restaurant has been written up by several noted travel magazines.

Across the street, try the Bánh cuốn - meat and mushroom wrapped in a fresh rice crepe - at Bánh Cuốn Nóng, 17 Chả Cá Street. It's a nice light meal.

Brother’s Café (26 Nguyen Thai Hoc) We went for the lunch buffet which is $5.50 per person. The restaurant is beautiful in a wonderful courtyard. The food was also excellent. We would highly recommend a leisurely lunch or dinner here.

Baquette and Chocolate – (11 Cha Ca Street) This bakery is a training school. I recommend visiting for coffee and pastries. They do also serve food here, if you want food, I would recommend going for lunch. We went for dinner and they were out of most of the food on the menu. Back to the pastry and coffee, both were EXCELLENT. Also the interior, especially upstairs is wonderful. Try to go!

Hoa Sua Restaurant – (81 Nhyam Street???, hongha think "Tho Nhuom St") – same organization as Baquette and Chocolate. Great atmosphere at this restaurant. You can eat outside, downstairs inside or upstairs inside. We ate outside on a wonder warm day and really enjoyed. If you want to eat indoors I would recommend upstairs which is very beautiful. We had very delicious fresh spring rolls and Pho. We also had WONDERFUL desserts – apple crisp with ice cream and ice cream with pastry puffs and chocolate sauce. They also have great iced coffee.

Hanoi Garden – (36 Hang Manh) - The grilled duck was excellent. The rest of the food was very mediocre. All and all I would say this dinner was not worth the $20 cost.

Tamarind Café – (80 Ma May) – Home of Handspam Travel which used for 3 trips and highly recommend. Tamarind Café – pretty expensive for what you get – priced in US dollars not Dong. The food is very good so look at the menu before ordering and decide whether you willing to pay there prices.

Nikko Hotel Lunch Buffet – (84 Tran Nhan Tong) - $13.90 beer included. Very little Vietnamese food but very cold draft Tiger beer and delicious sushi and sashimi! A very good value for delicious sushi and sashimi.

Sofitel Metropole Hotel Sunday Seafood Buffet (15 Ngo Quyen) – This was our last big splurge before heading home. The cost is steep at $25 a person ++. However, if you like seafood and can afford it go. I think you will agree that this is a serious bargain. The seafood is absolutely delicious. Also the service is wonderful and they have wonderful live jazz music.


For sampling Vietnamese food, I suggest Phở Tái (a beef noodle soup commonly found throughout the country), beef in 7 courses, Mì xào (Chinese style egg noodles), both of which can be found on Ngõ Cấm Chỉ St off of Hàng Bông St in the Old Quarter. Goat meat can be sampled on Láng Hạ, south of the US Embassy, and if dog meat strikes your fancy, go to Nghi Tàm Road between West Lake and the Red River. Hoàn Kiếm is also a very good place to search for delcious Vietnamese restaurants. I recommend Hoa Sữa (French/Vietnamese), a restaurant that teaches improverished youths the restaurant business. Tống Duy Tân Street, where the king’s food was cooked in ancient times, at the junction of Điện Biên Phủ and Hàng Bông streets is busy with noodle shops serving seafood dishes and Gà tần, a chicken soup cooked with eight Chinese herbs considered especially good for health. Make sure to avoid dishes with “ scallops” as they are very tough. Xôi Alley, off of Tống Duy Tân Street towards Tràng Thi Street is a great place to go for Xôi, or sticky rice. Xôi is a rice served with sausage , boiled egg ,dried shredded pork , or cucumbers and fish sauce . Here you can find sticky rice, fried noodles , or Phở any time of day and late into the night. Also, a word of caution: Do not eat at roadside vendors or little holes in the wall, or drink tap water or ice.


Bún Bò Nam Bộ: (67 Hàng Điếu Street) beef and noodle of southern style, VND 15,000.

Bún chả: (Hàng Mành Street) pork barbecue and noodle


Mai Dao (21 Nguyen Thai Hoc) – Very delicious Pho soup 6,000-8,000 depending on what you get in it. The people that work at this restaurant are very nice.

Bun Bo Hue – (11 b Ly Thurong Kiet) This is also a soup restaurant. This came with a whole pork chop in it. It was very delicious and 6,000 Dong. I asked for beer. The did not have any but the mother sent her daughter to get some and she returned a few minutes later with a nice cold Huda beer. This delicious beer was 8,000 Dong.

Hanh (4 NguyenTri Phuong) This place only serves small “Happy Pancake” Banh Xeo. This was probably the most delicious thing we ate the whole time we were in Vietnam. The pancake was very crisp and the toppings were so delicious. Cost 4,000 Dong.

Banh beo Cung An Dinh (rice cakes with shrimp) at No. 31, Kiet 177, Phan Dinh Phung, Hue, and "Banh khoai - nem lui" (fried cake with shrimp) at No. 6 Dinh Tien Hoang St., Hue (2 restaurants with the same cakes "banh khoai" so be careful to choose the exact number).


My Quang (noolde with shrimp and chicken) at No. 1, Hai Phong Street, near railway station.


Vinh Hung Restaurant (147 Tan Phu Street) – very good food, excellent espresso and best of all is just people watching. This is a great location – go enjoy the food and people watching. We enjoyed 2 afternoon visits for coffee/espresso and people watching!!!!

Brothers Café (27 Phan Boi Chau) – had set menu dinner, $12 per person. With drinks, coffee, dessert and tax and tip the cost was about $40. Not a good value in our opinion.

Ly Café 22 (I forget address) – Very good food at very reasonable prices – strong recommendation. We had white rose, cau lau and Ly’s special pork. All were excellent.

The Cargo Club (107 Nguyen Thai Hoc) – A wonderful place for coffee and pastries after dinner. You can sit at small tables in front of the restaurant and watch the world go round. We felt the 50,000 ($3) for 2 desserts and 2 coffee was very worthwhile.


Kim Café – (De Tham Street) – Very surprised by the high quality and of the food. I would especially recommend the squid with vegetables. Total cost of lunch for was 78,000 Dong or about $5. We enjoyed so much we went back for breakfast 2 days later.

Pho 2000 – (not sure of address but you can find as this place is pretty famous since President Clinton ate here.) The Pho is very delicious. However, it is also 19,000 Dong were Pho is usually between 5,000-8,000 Dong. Is it worth the extra Dong? In my opinion – NO.

333 Café – (De Tham Street) – We had chicken curry, steamed shrimp and chicken noodle soup. We did not find the food to be all that good and thus can not recommend.

Quon An Ngon (138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia), a great way to try a variety of delicious Vietnamese food.

Hu Tiu Nam Vang (Quynh at A65, Nguyen Trai St., Dist. 1): a soup from Mekong Delta with vermicelli noodles, pork pices, two shrimps, onions and herbs.

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